How to Pitch your Startup Idea


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How to pitch your startup idea to an investor ?

The value of preparing a good pitch is more than just getting a foot in the door. It also helps budding entrepreneurs pinpoint exactly what their business does, why they’re different from the competition and where they want to take it next.

People are going to make an instant decision about your pitch – says Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley investor, author, and marketing expert.

Here are the tips how to pitch your startup :

1. Keep it Simple

Investors hear many pitches every day and are often pressed for time, so you should seek to pique their curiosity right from the start.

Start out with a brief explanation of your business idea that immediately conveys your vision and purpose. Explain the problem that your startup is attempting to solve and why your business offers the solution. Outline how your business plans to generate revenue. Above all, avoid getting bogged down in details that distract from your message.

2. Timing your startup

Manage your timing for every slide of your pitchdeck.

“If you built your whole assumption upon being there for an hour and you only have half an hour, you’re really going to be stuck,” Kawasaki says.

Whether you set the time-frame for your pitch or your prospective investor does, stay within the time allotted and pace your presentation so that you aren’t stuck rushing at the end.

3. Tell your startup business model

Rather than approaching the opportunity as a sales pitch, use the occasion to tell your investors the story behind your business.

Investors love entrepreneurs who are able to show a personal dedication to their startup that goes beyond making money, because it shows they will be in it for the long haul. They aren’t just betting on your idea, they’re also betting on your ability to execute it. To solidify the investor’s commitment, be ready show why they should trust you and the sacrifices you’ve made—and are willing to make—to guarantee success.

4. Show your unique value for your startup

Key component of winning investors is showing them why your product or service is different from anything else available on the market. It’s not enough that your startup can solve a problem; it needs to be able to solve a specific problem in a way that no other business can match, and you need to be able to demonstrate that in your pitch.

5. Know your insight, data is matter

The most meaningful stats to include are those that show traction: Sales figures, profit margins, growth rate, or even customer acquisition costs. If one or many of these general financial figures interests the investor, have no doubt, they will ask for more. If that happens, be prepared to discuss in-depth details such as cash flow, inventory management and more.

6. Build your startup pitch deck

What Are the Key Slides You Want In Your Investor Pitch Deck?

  1. Company Overview
  2. Mission/Vision of the Company
  3. The Team
  4. The Problem
  5. The Solution
  6. The Market Opportunity
  7. The Product
  8. The Customers
  9. The Technology
  10. The Competition
  11. Traction
  12. Business Model
  13. The Marketing Plan
  14. Financials
  15. The Ask

Your startup’s pitch deck will act as a visual reference during your presentation, helping you highlight key points that you want your prospective investors to pay close attention to. Incorporating graphics such as charts and graphs can help you present complex data in a simple and engaging manner.

Leverage Presentation Tools and Presentation Design Principles

Use our startup pitch deck it contains above key slide.


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