A Modern Guide to Building a Pitch Deck in 2022


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When you present a business plan to Investor or your Clients, you need build a Pitch Deck. This is why I write a modern guide to building a pitch deck that represent in digital industry.

What is a pitch deck and why do I need to build one?

A pitch deck is a visual deck that is based on your industry development. It’s supposed to present your growth and most important numbers to potential investors and the people you are pitching to. For investors, it’s usually important to know your top-line growth rates, but for yourself as the owner, you need to know who your competitors are, their business model and how you would be beating them in the market. Without a powerful pitch deck, you will never be able to gain access to the right investors or a potential business partner for your project.

How to create a great design for the Pitch Deck?

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while but I got no time to build a formal Pitch Deck. Then after few hours of research on different web resources I found out that quite similar tools and details can be found on different websites that were similar. Just building a long list with all the details is not helpful. It’s not a good way to build a pitch deck. I thought if I could find a simple way to build a pitch deck, then I could do it in few hours. So here is how I did it :

1. Using a ready and have a right niche presentation template

Building a pitch deck with a ready template is more saving for your time. So we have a premium Powerpoint & Keynote template for building a modern pitchdeck.








Pitchup is a ready and powerfull pitch deck for your clients and investor

Download Here







If you have a startup and want to get a fundraising you can use

DIGIT – Startup Business Fundraising Powerpoint

How long should my Pitch Deck be?

Pitch deck could take you 4 – 5 pages.

“1 page is a medium-sized layout.” -Paul Graham Not longer than 2 pages but more than 3.

4 – 5 pages of carefully selected assets to tell the investors or clients your story.

How to make a Pitch Deck

  1. Know your audience and market.
  2. Set a realistic time-frame of delivery.
  3. Build a killer pitch deck.
  4. Read how other entrepreneurs and industry experts do it.
  5. Perform your research.
  6. Ask questions!
  7. Decide what you will include.
  8. Plan what you will leave out.
  9. Pack it!
  10. Present it!
  11. Post it!
  12. Measure!

How to make compelling presentation?

Make clear what your company will be doing Show they know what they want and how they will get it Look professional with graphs Simple to make Steps to building your Pitch Deck: This is step by step how to make the ultimate pitch deck. What is a pitch deck? A pitch deck is a short presentation that is used to pitch your business idea to investors, employees, potential employees, potential clients, and others.

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